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Emerging in a new era of the Australian wine industry, Swan Wine Group is beginning a new story and establishing a new wine legacy, innovating and championing Australia’s fine wine pedigree

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Swan Wine Group boasts an array of excellent Australian wine brands, rated and enjoyed by the world over.

Wineries & Vineyards

At Swan Wine Group, we utilise a variety of vineyards and wineries, ranging across a multitude of great Australian wine regions and an abundance of the best grape varieties. Our 1908 vineyard (background picture) is our iconic, Barossa jewel.


Auswan Creek – Featured

1908 Barossa SHIRAZ

Crafted with hand selected shiraz from our rare 1908 Barossa Valley Centenarian Vineyard, this 6 star jewel of Barossa represents the rich history while celebrating the glorious present of Australian Viticulture