Riverland GWG

Our winery takes pride in orchestrating and overseeing the entire winemaking journey, steering from the initial crush and ferment stages to the final presentation of wines ready for bottling, catering to our extensive network of customers. This encompassing service includes meticulous pre-vintage grape analysis, cutting-edge laboratory services, and comprehensive wine management.
Behind our success stands a passionate Winemaking team, supported by a dedicated workforce of approximately 45 key winery staff. The Growers Wine Group team is unwaveringly committed to the craft, striving to produce the finest wines by leveraging the richness of locally sourced grapes.
Annually, our winery engages in a substantial crush, processing an impressive 25,000 to 40,000 tonnes or equivalently 18 million to 29 million liters of wine. This significant production volume reflects our commitment to meeting the demands of our clientele while maintaining the highest standards of quality in every bottle we produce.