About Us

Emerging in a new era of the Australian wine industry, Swan Wine Group is beginning a new story and establishing a new wine legacy, innovating and championing Australia’s fine wine pedigree


Swan Wine Group aspires to create a winemaking and selling legend, focusing on innovating while upholding the traditional art which defines the Australian wine industry.


Expressions of heart and soul from the best winemakers


Establishing world-class brands for years to come


Consumer enjoyment at the forefront of every decision 

Company Briefs

Vine Age

There is something magical about an old vine and the fruits it yields. Their resilience in standing the test of time, reflects a limited, but richly rewarding prize. The vine’s cordon and prized fruit can be likened to the out stretched arm of Mother Nature, giving her scarce gift to the winemaker. Much of Swan’s high end wines are crafted from the rarest centennial Vineyards with the minimum vineyard age being twenty.


Sunshine hours, sea breezes, soil profiles, rainfall and land topography etc; – our site selection is a 100 year investment and can’t be overstated. It starts with the viticulturist’s understanding of these elements, dictating the vines’ growing environment and crafting of Swan’s wines. 


Selecting fruit, checking press cycles, monitoring fermentations, nursing maturing oak barrels and scrutinising blending programs is part of a winemaker’s day. It is estimated that our winemakers taste each parcel of wine more than 100 times during the winemaking process. It is this attention to detail that makes the difference between great and exceptional.


The old art of cellaring is utilised by many of Swan’s brands. After 12-18 months of barrel maturation, the wines are bottled for a further 6-12 months of cellaring before they are enjoyed by the world. This process, though lengthy, brings big, rich structured wines which are approachable too many. Swan’s high-end wines can be tasted at release, or can bring a more rewarding taste to those with the patience to wait 5-15 years.

Chief winemaker

Mr. Ben Riggs

Has proudly served the Australian wine industry for over 30 years. Having been granted with the title of Australia’s best winemaker twice and awarded with over 20 trophies, he is acknowledged to be one of the most reputable master winemakers in Australia.

Briefed as “grape to palate”, his winemaking philosophy emphasizes each process during winemaking from viticulture to finished product. Consumers’ preferences should be always considered as well.

Mr. Ben Riggs joined Swan Wine Group in 2011. Since then, he has been leading all winemaking process of Swan Wine Group’s products.  

Swan Wine Group

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